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From the first minute we say, "Rudy, Northwind," the tail starts wagging. Then he runs to his leash as if to say hurry up! Once we are there, he pulls us down the walk into the facility. We are so blessed to have a place where we can be sure that he is taken care of and treated so well. And the price is one we can afford. If you want the BEST for your pet, take them to Northwind Pet Care Center.

- Patricia A.

I absolutely love this place for my Great Dane, Emma. They are wonderful here and so good with her. I hate to say how much I like it for fear someone will take my spot when I'm ready to board her... : ) I've had my dogs at other facilities, and this place is like home for her.

- Sandra S.

We left our little girl for 9 days with Northwind! First time at a kennel! These people are so awesome!! They took care of her like she was their own girl! She had a great time. We are thinking of taking her out there for daycare once a week so she can play with her new doggie friends!! These are great people and when we go on vacation again this is the place my little girl will go!! Thank you Northwind!!

- Cheryl S.

We have used Northwind to board our dogs on many occasions and they always are well taken care of. The outdoor play time is well worth it for our dog Max who needs daily exercise.

- Julie N.

We have used Northwind a couple of times now for our dog, and it's been a great experience. There's nobody else I would trust my dog with! We are using them for our upcoming trip out of the country and have complete faith our dog and cat will have the best care.

- Lisa M.

Demo stays there 3 days a week while I work my 24hr shifts. The staff is always gentle and kind, and treat Demo like he is one of their own babies. They take pride in their work. Their passion and love for animals always shows.

- Mike C.

Best place in town to take pets for grooming, overnight care, daycare, and pool time. It's so clean, and the staff is friendly.

- Janey H.

I'm impressed with the professionalism of this facility. It is well run and the people are super helpful.

- Jessica B.

Had the good fortune of finding Northwind Pet Care Center when we determined we would need to board our furry kids while away on a family vacation this coming summer. We decided to give it a test run with our 3 pit / mastiff mixes while away for a weekend in Portland prior to the longer stay that would be needed this summer. We found the kennel and staff to be professional, courteous, outgoing and, most importantly, friendly to us and the not-so-little furry kids. Would definitely recommend them to anybody wanting to know that there is a place where their pets will be well taken care of while they are away.

- Jeff R.